Visit London from village to village

Did you know? London is made up of villages. From north to south and from east to west, discover the British megalopolis through the charm of its small towns: Highgate, Hampstead, Brixton, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia, London Fields, Greenwich, Richmond … Whether maritime, rustic, intellectuals, trendy or cosmopolitan, everyone has preserved its authenticity.

Highgate and Hampstead: artistic and historical walk

North of London, Highgate and Hampstead are alike. Perched around one of London’s most beautiful parks, Hampstead Heath, these villages dominate the city and have breathtaking views of the City, Canary Wharf, London Eye, the Shard and other icons of the London Skyline. Strolling through the streets of Highgate and Hampstead takes you back in time: charming cottages and pubs, art galleries and small museums … Hampstead and Highgate are steeped in their intellectual and artistic past. Many intellectuals, writers, actors and artists (John Le Carré, Chris Martin, Michael George, Ricky Gervais …) live there today.

Colorful route in the Brixton district

It is in the head south and cosmopolitan Brixton. With its colorful market consisting of stands of Caribbean products, its trendy stalls of small “street” restaurants with menus from around the world, its stores of clothes and vintage objects and its small art galleries, it will not be possible that will delight you. Brixton lives to the rhythm of multiple nationalities, night and day … let yourself be drawn!

Richmond, a taste of the London countryside

In Richmond, in the west, it’s like being in the countryside: rowing clubs, pubs and restaurants line the Thames. On the heights, behind the imposing Victorian and Georgian houses, the large Richmond Park is famous for its wild deer that roam quietly.

Greenwich, the maritime seal of London

The Thames has widened well since Richmond … its mouth is more than a hundred miles away. Greenwich is imbued with the glorious naval past of the British Empire. In addition to the fascinating (and free) National Maritime Museum, dedicated to the sea, Greenwich has a beautiful park at the top of which you can observe the stars and have fun putting one foot on each side of the meridian of Greenwich. Cool little shops, a daily market and a breathtaking view of Canary Wharf, the business district on the other side of the Thames, is also Greenwich.

London Fields, the trendy London district

Northeast and in the heart of hipness, London Fields. A few years ago, tourists did not venture there. The place has since little by little “hipsterized”! To savor this neighborhood, stroll to Broadway Market which offers every Saturday a variety of street food from around the world. The other days of the week, the street is almost as busy with the many cafes, restaurants, independent shops and galleries that succeed. Finish your visit to London Fields with a stroll along the Regent’s Canal. Whether you go east or west, the walk will make you discover another London: narrow barges (narrow boats), old warehouses converted into apartments, artists’ studios…

Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia: treasures in the heart of London

The villages of London are not all eccentric. In the heart of the capital, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia, about ten minutes’ walk from each other, are full of treasures. From the British Museum in the heart of Bloomsbury to the Pollock’s Toys Museum, to the curious Grant Museum of Zoology, there’s something for everyone. The proximity of St Pancras makes it a dream destination for those who only have a short time in London.
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