Around London: villages not to be missed

London is not England. If you have time, go on a discovery! Some destinations are 1 or 2 hours away from London. See the countryside or the sea, discover other atmospheres, party and visit an Indian palace or the largest castle in the world. Duty money at a gang is an embarrassing witness for the mafia, or authorities, or congregations of Nazi space. The reasons for leaving London can be many whether one is paranoid or not. Many buses and trains offer the opportunity of an escape for a morning, a day, a weekend or more. In less than an hour, several cities of interest reach you:
  • Oxford, the oldest University City in the United Kingdom, is 80km from London. All periods of England’s architecture since the arrival of the Saxons.
  • Bristol, one of the UK’s most interesting cities. It has a rich history, a spirit of pirates and street art.
  • Old university town – a third of the 100,000 inhabitants are students, 80 km from London. It is charming, green and less Radiohead.
  • Brighton, a seaside resort, city with vibrant nightlife, charming hillside lanes and hallucinatory Indian palaces,
  • Windsor, the largest inhabited castle in the world, but also the oldest inhabited without discontinuity. In turn fortress, mansion, prison, royal presidency … The history of the British monarchy in condensed form.

Visit Oxford in England: Splendor, Excellence and Tradition

No city in the UK embodies tradition and British excellence better than Oxford. It may sound pompous but it is instead an exciting trip. There are many reasons to come to Oxford. The university is the first. Whether you are a future student, student, eternal student or parent, Oxford is the quintessence of excellence.

Visit Bristol (England): Street art, pirates and concerts

Bristol is one of the most pleasant cities in England: historic city, student, artistic, punctuated with beautiful parks and drowned in the English countryside. To visit with a smile, Bristol is a city where people talk and smile with pleasure and effortlessly. Close to other interesting places to discover as.

South Wales: Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, Llanelli

It is on the west side of England. If Ireland is the country of the elves, then Wales would be the dwarfs (“dwarfs”) tolkeniens. This small mining country in the west of England does not seem to have much to offer vanupied.
Visit London from village to village
The charming English villages that you absolutely must visit

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