The charming English villages that you absolutely must visit

The city of London has attracted all the attention of tourists, come to taste the charm of English life, it is the natural beauty of its coast and the diversity of its campaigns that persuade many of them to opt for holiday on the British island. From pretty, tranquil harbors, traditional stone houses and centuries-old castles full of history discover some of the UK’s most charming villages to visit.

Buxton, Derbyshire

While the natural spas that brought people here since Roman times are now closed, Buxton has a wealth of attractions. The city is located near the Peak District National Park where you can enjoy an idyllic setting for hiking or horseback riding. The region also hosts many festivals during the year.

Dorchester, Dorset

Dorchester is internationally known as the birthplace of the famous poet Thomas Hardy. The city center is made of beautiful Georgian buildings but the origins of the city date back to Roman times.

Whitstable, Kent

A favorite destination for Londoners on weekends, Whitstable is famous for its oysters and picturesque, calm waterfront.

St Ives, Cornwall

This coastal city was for a long time one of the refuges of the English elite. St Ives has consolidated its reputation with the opening of Tate St Ives, a museum of modern and contemporary art that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Walking along the coast is a moment of peace and enchantment.

Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Cirencester is the “capital of the Cotswolds region” a chain of hills in southwestern England. The assets of this city are many because it has preserved the charm and wealth of buildings of the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

Dartmouth, Devon

With Kingswear opposite, Dartmouth is located in the Dart River Estuary. This city is a refuge for sailors, artists and original people making it a must stop on your trip along the English coast.

Berwick, Northumberland

The city of Berwick has changed hands several times between the English and the Scottish over the centuries. This is probably the reason why the place is surrounded by impressive ramparts where you can walk and plunge into the tumultuous past of this fortified city.

Rye, Sussex

It is one of the most attractive medieval villages in the country. Stuck in a “spatio-temporal” fault, the village is made of paved alleyways, exposed wooden buildings and atypical shops that will make you relive this particular era.

Ludlow, Shropshire

Ludlow is another English city steeped in history. With its impressive castle on the central hill, the city is charming and offers a multitude of starred restaurants.

Harrogate, Yorkshire

It is another city in England that owes its existence to natural sources. Indeed, Harrogate is best known for its springs that attracted spa visitors en masse in the eighteenth century, requiring the construction of luxury hotels and new adapted infrastructure. It has kept a picturesque atmosphere that still seduces tourists from all over the world.
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