Transportation in London

Take the bus in London

The famous imperial red buses continue to crisscross the city of London from side to side. Although it can be long – because of the frequent traffic jams in London – taking the bus remains one of the privileged ways…

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Getting around London with a car

Firstly, if you decide to spend a few days in London, know that it is not advisable to come by car. It is very difficult to find parking, road traffic is congested and as you know, the English drive on…

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To travel by subway, tube or underground

The oldest subway in the world, the London Underground serves nearly 274 stations on eleven lines in Greater London. Each line has a color. There are 11 subway lines identifiable thanks to their color. The Bakerloo line is brown, Victoria…

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Getting around London by boat

For those with sea legs, a river shuttle service is also available to move to London. Using the Thames, these shuttles take you from one corner of the city to the other. The Thames Clipper ( is a river company…

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