Pick the right accommodation for your stay in the UK

Most of accredited centers can help you find housing. Finding accommodation in a foreign country can be difficult and may take time. Visit for-sale.com/ and learn more about properties to rent in the UK. This is one of the great advantages of choosing a center through English UK. You will generally have the choice between a university residence / student hostel, a family accommodation, a hotel or a youth hostel.

Student Homes

Many foreign students in the United Kingdom live in student housing. They usually rent a single room in a student residence, house or student apartment and share a kitchen and a bathroom. If you prefer to be more independent, it is sometimes possible to request a room with en-suite bathroom. University residences / student residences have many advantages: you will have more independence than at home, you will be close to campus and student life and you will make friends more easily among other foreign students. However, your day-to-day contacts will essentially be with people who, like you, do not have English as their mother tongue. Therefore, even if this solution is suitable for some people, it may not be suitable for you if you come to the UK to immerse yourself in the English language and British culture.


If you choose a homestay, you will live in a family and you will have either a private room or a room with another student. A stay in a host family will probably be a better solution than a university residence if you want to practice the language with locals and immerse yourself more in the British culture. You will share the daily life of your host, you will speak English constantly, you will eat with the family and you meet other English speakers. Sometimes family stays create lasting friendships.

Hotels and Youth Hostels

You will also have the choice of a large number of hotels and hostels, from cheap student hostels to five-star hotels. Your language center will be able to recommend some good local options. The market is changing rapidly across the UK, and the big cities are the places where the rotation is the fastest. It is common to see people renting homes without even seeing them. However, it is important to visit homes before signing a contract, especially when you are new to the country. Once you have found the accommodation you wish to visit, call the number indicated, always leave a message and be ready to call back if you do not receive an answer within 12 hours. Setting up e-mail alerts on property search sites and seeing new offers every day are also good ideas.
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