London real estate

Tips for buying in London: what are the good investments to buy in London?

This is the questions everyone is asking: Which neighborhoods will see their prices rise significantly in the coming years? Which neighborhoods will change their faces and become London’s new trendy neighborhoods? A well-known example immediately comes to mind: Notting Hill….

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Seeking to buy a home in London

To buy a home is a big step forward but also a financial commitment that takes time. In recent months, prices have fluctuated a lot and it may seem difficult to know where to start. We will help you start…

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Real estate in England: what, where and how to buy?

The whole English nation is obsessed with real estate. Whether you’re looking for a vintage mansion straight out of Downtown Abbey or a modern loft-style apartment in one of the country’s vibrant cities, you will certainly find the right property…

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How to determine the price of your vacation rental?

You have just bought your property and you want to start a seasonal rental business but you do not know where to start? It is true that when you start renting in the short term, you probably already have an…

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Tips and tricks for renting a family vacation home in the UK

Need tips for a weekend or a family holiday in London or in the UK? Follow our guide! Our team has sorted them out for you and gives you all its tips for finding a flight to London that is…

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How to buy a house when you want to rent later?

Do you want to bet on stone (real estate investment) and more specifically on rental residential real estate to build a heritage and secure your future? You are right. You will buy a durable good called to take value over…

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