Tips and tricks for renting a family vacation home in the UK

Need tips for a weekend or a family holiday in London or in the UK? Follow our guide! Our team has sorted them out for you and gives you all its tips for finding a flight to London that is not too expensive, find an affordable hotel in Notting Hill or Camden, enjoy the sights of London without breaking the bank …

In winter!

This is where we find the best deals to go to London: flights are really cheap (except holiday season), the weekend offers “flights + hotel” surely display their level of lowest rates of the year, the hotels reach reasonable prices! Even if it’s gray and wet, London is a pretty great winter destination: fewer people in museums and sights, a real romantic charm, full of excuses to squat the friendly warmth of pubs … Without to ruin, in addition: one validates!

Book always well in advance

This is the first rule in London! In high season or at the end of the year, tourists flock en masse: it is better to avoid arriving with nothing booked at all! Even though spring and summer are the most pleasant from a weather point of view, fares flare up and can be doubled compared to winter, flights to London at the last minute take more than 100 € per A / R ticket, the hotels impose overload “peak season” …. This is even more true for the Carnival of Notting Hill: you will find almost no offer of accommodation at the last minute. Do not forget to book your flight several months in advance: on the low-cost, the earlier you reserve, the less you pay dearly!

In September / October or April / May

An excellent report “quality-price”! Fewer people in the city, much cheaper prices and a rather pleasant climate … Book a little early for the flight (especially on a low-cost) but at these times, there are nice last minute deals on accommodation or weekends “transport + hotel” (for bridges in May, offers usually come out 3 weeks before).

For young people!

If you are sociable, you can opt for couchsurfing: someone offers to welcome you for free; the custom is that you bring back a gift to thank your host but it allows you to stay in an economical way and often, to have bonus advice from a “local” to make the most of the city. There are also many hostels in London but look at the rates carefully because sometimes they are as expensive as a hotel or Airbnb.
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