How to buy a house when you want to rent later?

Do you want to bet on stone (real estate investment) and more specifically on rental residential real estate to build a heritage and secure your future? You are right. You will buy a durable good called to take value over time, you will cash rents that will round off your ends of the month, you can enjoy sometimes substantial tax benefits and you will enjoy an attractive rental yield. However, your real estate investment, like all investments, should not be improvised. It’s a serious business that impacts your finances and your wealth. This file details the route of the first-time investor and gives you the keys to carry out the operation safely. Here are some tips for successful real estate investing to build wealth, prepare for retirement, and pay less taxes.

Buy to rent or resell

Buy to sell on paper looks simple, but in practice is rather complicated. Indeed, we must take into account the purchase price of the property, the estimate of renovation work and the resale price (to be set according to the real estate market to hope to find taker). However it is possible to get there. A rental investment will allow you to have regular income. If you are interested, visit and learn more about homes for sale. In case you have applied for a loan, the rents will make it possible to refund it. In addition, your property is gaining value over time so you can still sell it much more in many years. In any case you come out winner with the rental.

Why opt for rental investment?

The reasons for investing in real estate are many. Some people or families aim to build a heritage, others seek an income supplement. He sees real estate as a good way to get money fast. The latter are not interested in the rental investment but rather a real estate purchase for resale.

Make a rental investment

If buying to resell ensures a good cash flow in the short term, investing in the rental is rather aim for the long term. Indeed, here too the price of old housing very low compared to nine plays in your favor because this advantage will bring a better profitability to your rental investment. The main objectives of an acquirer in the rental is essentially to have monthly income and build a wealth for his family and himself. In addition, a rental property purchase is also the security of not being a tenant during retirement.
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