Real estate in England: what, where and how to buy?

The whole English nation is obsessed with real estate. Whether you’re looking for a vintage mansion straight out of Downtown Abbey or a modern loft-style apartment in one of the country’s vibrant cities, you will certainly find the right property for you in order to enjoy England’s way of life.

The value of real estate in England

Prices vary enormously from one region to another and you will certainly hear a lot about the north / south division. Real estate in the north is much cheaper than in the south. You have to make sure that your budget matches where you want to live. Do not be surprised if you see that property prices in London and the Southeast are almost double those of the rest of England. And in some parts of the capital, you can at least double that number again. Historically, the price of English properties has doubled approximately every seven years. Given the current economic status, you might think that this pattern is unlikely, but there is no reason for the level of capital growth not to return. In order to have an idea about real-estate rental and sale prices, you can check out Do not worry, like everywhere else in the world, buying a house in England is not a safe bet. Even if there is a lack of new homes, which in theory means that real estate prices will go up again, there is no guarantee.

Popular places to buy a property in England

The most popular place to buy a property in England is of course, London. Often considered one of the most exciting cities in the world, this vibrant capital has a lot to offer to its visitors and residents – from shopping to restaurants to theaters and museums. And with a diverse public transport system, it is easy and simple to get around. And when the sun comes out, there are many beautiful parks to walk around. Some are larger than you would think for such a densely populated place. London attracts a lot of people who invest in real estate. The buy-to-rent market is booming because of the number of people who cannot buy real estate properties and the influx of workers from the EU. In the last few years, East London has become the most popular place for owners / residents and investors. Stratford, home to the Olympic Park and a new Eurostar station, is obviously popular and areas like Bow and Hackney take advantage of their proximity and links to the City. South London, traditionally cheaper than its northern rival, is gaining popularity while premium locations like Kensington and Chelsea are true magnets for wealthy overseas buyers and City employees with impressive bonuses. Neighborhoods to take into consideration are Elephant and Castle, Peckham, Shoreditch, Hoxton and Woolwich.
Tips for buying in London: what are the good investments to buy in London?
Seeking to buy a home in London

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