The London villages to visit for your holiday

Visiting London villages mean benefitting the opportunity to be in a peaceful rural setting 20 minutes by subway or train from central London is one of its most enjoyable aspects.

Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia: treasures in the heart of london

In the heart of London, you can find Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia are a great spectacles. From the British Museum in the heart of Bloomsbury to the Pollock’s Toys Museum, to the curious Grant Museum of Zoology, there’s something for everyone. The proximity of St Pancras makes it a dream destination for those who only have a short time in London. A must-see: the shopping streets of Marchmont Street in Bloomsbury and Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia will delight you…

London Fields, the trendy London district

Northeast and in the heart of hipness, London Fields. A few years ago, tourists did not venture there. The place has since little by little “hipsterized”! To savor this neighborhood, stroll to Broadway Market which offers every Saturday a variety of street food from around the world. The other days of the week, the street is almost as busy with the many cafes, restaurants, independent shops and galleries that succeed. Finish your visit to London Fields with a stroll along the Regent’s Canal. Whether you go east or west, the walk will make you discover another London: narrow barges (narrow boats), old warehouses converted into apartments, artists’ studios…A must-see: the Lido, an outdoor heated Olympic Pool on London Fields Park. Nothing like a hot bath in the London haze…

York, the city with a hundred faces

York is the fortified city of the north of England where you can find both very old monuments with beautiful architecture and a festival dedicated to gastronomy and wine, not forgetting the Assises de la Bière Anglaise, a popular university, factory outlets and so on! York was elected a few years ago the most beautiful city of England and without saying that it is THE most beautiful, I can assure you that it is really worth seeing. In addition, it is only 34 km from Leeds, which has an international airport. Or 2 hours from London by train from King’s Cross station. It is therefore very easy to get there from France for a weekend or a week. On site, do not miss The Shambles, a street more than a millennium old, that gives you the impression of being immersed in the Harry Potter saga as it has a special charm with its half-timbered houses.
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