The London Pass: How much does it cost?

The London Pass exists with several options: one day, three days or six days, with or without a transport card. With the 10% discount offered by, your three-day London Pass costs only £ 72.90 per adult and £ 50.40 per child, and gives you access to all the attractions named above. The three-day London Pass with transport card is £ 101.90 per adult and £ 61.40 per child (still with our 10% discount), this pass gives you access to all these attractions plus a prepaid transportation card, valid in all London public transport (bus, metro, underground …) for zones 1 to 6. You can buy your London Pass online and pay by credit card or by Pay Pal, in secure payment. You can also buy it on the spot, in one of the tourist offices of London, at the time of your arrival. If you wish to discover all that the city has to offer, tested for you the London Pass. We advise you to take at least three days minimum and ideally six days to have time to visit the key places of the city.

Details of a typical day with the London Pass

Why not start your sightseeing day with a boat cruise? We begin our journey at 10 am at Westminster Pier. The River Thames City Cruises is waiting for us to start. On the platform, Big Ben watches us from the top of St Stephen’s Tower. We board the boat and our favorite place: the outer deck, for a breathtaking view of the banks of the Thames. Thames City Cruises: Price without the London Pass: £ 8.55 The walk to Tower Pier lasts 30 minutes and during this lapse of time, we appreciate the discovery of the various buildings of the capital: The Castle-like Savoy Hotel, the dizzying London Eye, the Shakespeare Globe Theater not to mention all the sumptuous bridges overhanging the Thames. The sun is at the rendezvous and nothing is more pleasant than a boat trip to see London in another way. After passing under London Bridge, Millennium Bridge and the others, the boat arrives at the foot of the majestic and not to be missed Tower Bridge. Our cruise stops here and we’re on our way to discover the secrets of Tower Bridge with the Tower Bridge Exhibition. The Tower Bridge Exhibition Price without London Pass: £ 17.00 / Total cost without London Pass: £ 25.55 At 42 meters above the Thames, the view is incredible. The bridge bridge is divided into two different bridges: one where you can learn more about the different bridges around the world and the other where you’ll know everything about the construction of the Tower Bridge, which for information, put only eight years to build! At the end of the visit, we enjoyed the discovery of the engine room, to learn more about the operation of the bridge. The tower of London Price without London Pass: £ 20.00 / Total cost without London Pass: £ 45.55 This emblem of the British monarchy was in turn a royal palace, a fortress, a prison and the safe containing the jewels of the crown. Now, we can visit the old torture chambers, take a picture with the Beefeaters, guardians of the tower and even marvel at the famous jewels of the crown, jealously guarded by the crows of the tower … A passage obliged, during a London trip. The HMS Belfast Price without London Pass: £ 13.50 / Total cost without London Pass: £ 59.05 Well started, we take the promenade on the edge of the Thames passing gigantic buildings that make up a large part of the City. Our next excursion: HMS Belfast, the only Royal Navy ship kept by the British and which, among other things, fought during the Second World War. A place steeped in history, for the keenest maritime history of us. Moored on the Thames, one sinks into the different parts of the ship and one plunge in the years 1930/40 to revive the daily life of the sailors, thanks to scenes recreated with characters of waxes. Boiler and machine rooms can also be seen and the anti-aircraft guns can be seen up close. St Paul’s Cathedral Price without London Pass: £ 16.00 / Total cost without London Pass: £ 75.05 After our return to the time of the Second World War with the sailors, we return to our day discovery. Cross the Waterloo Bridge and walk to St Paul’s Cathedral, a historic building in the heart of London’s business district. The cathedral has been rebuilt many times over the centuries and the one that the English know today was erected in 1669 by architect Christopher Wren. Westminster Abbey Price without London Pass: £ 18.00 / Total cost without London Pass: £ 93.05 After a short bus ride, we meet again in Westminster to visit Westminster Abbey. It is also possible to visit the Westminster Parliament, but only in the summer or during the holidays of deputies or MPs. That day, the MPs are at work, so we chose to go into the history of Westminster Abbey, cathedral and ancient cloister where the kings of England have been crowned for almost 1000 years. Westminster Abbey is also where the English were able to say goodbye to Lady Di, after her tragic road accident, for a national funeral at the piano sound of Sr. Elton John in 1997. Once your visits are over, you can still use your London Pass to go to the cinema, the theater or to end up doing a little shopping session. The London Pass allows you to enjoy interesting discounts on your purchases, movie tickets or theater or in some restaurants.

In the end, we save money!

At the end of a single day of sightseeing, we should have paid £ 93.05 to visit all these attractions, while the price of a 3-day London Pass with a pass costs only £ 101.90 (with the discount of less than 10% from You are the only judge but the economy is blatant between a tourist route with or without the London Pass. What we liked about our London Pass Three days transport included:
  • No queues
  • Unlimited transport card
  • Benefits on show bookings
  • Very good value for money
  • Easy to use
London is one of the first tourist destinations in the world
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