Important things to know before travelling to London

In order to leave with a light heart, you must prepare your departure for London. For this, here are some tips to help you take the plunge in peace.

Your identity papers

First of all, make a photocopy of your identity papers and send them by email to your address, as if in case you lose them, you can get a copy just by connecting to your mailbox. Redoing his identity papers can take a lot of time, avoid this inconvenience.

Reference for professionals

If you are on good terms with your former employer, ask him to refer you to your new London employer. When looking for work, it is sometimes good to be able to provide serious references, an email address of your former employer should suffice. Make sure that the person who serves as your reference knows how to speak English.

Reference for students

If you are a student, ask for a reference letter to one of your professors, it will be asked when you register at the university.

Bank account

Check with your bank to find out if it can help you during your expatriation to open a new account in one of its branches in London, if it is an international bank. If not, find out about the euro / pound exchange rate and how much your bank takes on commission.

Exchange your euros

To know the value of the euro, you can use our exchange rate (the exchange rate is updated regularly during the day) It is important that you avoid walking with all your savings in your pocket, London is known for his pickpockets. The best place to change your pound in euros remains post office (Post Office) There is one close to King’s Cross if you arrive from the Eurostar (Caledonian Rd PO, N19DN), otherwise, find out from yellow pages on Yellow pages.
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