How to live as London local for the time of your stay?

Knowing that your tailor is rich and eating jelly will not make you a true British, and your Frenchie side will necessarily come out. Not that it is necessary to annihilate the latter. Just when you visit, or decide to go live in a foreign country (in this case, England) it’s always nice to try to live a little local and get their habits. It is very reckless to think that, because it is not far away, Mr. Bean’s country looks like ours. English is a being whose way of life is full of mysteries. Do not worry, here’s what you need to know.

Take the tube!

Because London is big, you will not go up and down forever. So we do not get stuck in the turnstile, and in the hallway we turn right (otherwise we will grill you directly). We do not fall into the hole either, because the voice of the metro did not spill you to repeat “mind the gap please” for 10 stations for nothing.

Being polite

This is not a myth. The Briton is polite. The Briton is willingly shifting into the subway because you have a huge suitcase. The Briton helps you on the street when you’re lost and, most of the time, he does not even make fun of you when you try to speak Shakespeare’s tongue.

Smile at the camera


Buy a snack at Marks & Spencer

To go to M & S it is nothing crazy besides sleeve. And nothing trendy either. In fact it’s just their Monop ‘to them. And as at Monop ‘the clothes department is pretty cool.

Test the English Breakfast

The British gastronomy leaves a little to be desired, but they know breakfast we can not take that away from them. The more adventurous will accompany their delicious beans and bacon sausages of a small Guinness (yes yes even at 10 o’clock in the morning). We have everything we need on a plate, it’s fat, it’s good and we can go get dressed with our brunches. Especially since all the ads worthy of the name serve. Yummy!

Eat “ethnic”

See the previous point. Because the homeland of his majesty can not really shine thanks to its culinary specialties, one finds many small restaurants which make travel and which are really super good. But also plenty of food trucks. We highly recommend Brick Lane in London.

Brave the cold and bad weather

The Englishman, and in particular the Englishwoman, does not fear the cold. They do not cover more than that in the winter and remain worthy. They do not fear the rain either. Normal will you say to me. As a result, the umbrella can only be used when there is a good shower. Otherwise you’ll just brave the drizzle and with a smile.
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