Visit Scotland and enjoy unique riding and hiking itineraries

The land of a famous monster and these great immortal warriors on decapitation, Scotland is spectacular, lyrical and generous. The kind of place that calls multiple superlatives and who knows how to caress in the sense of the hair lovers of history and nature. Choose a flat to rent in Glasgow with for-sale or a cottage anywhere around the mighty Scotland and benefit from unique treasures!


Uninhabited volcanic island of the Sea of ​​the Hebrides, Staffa stands out for its unique cliffs, composed of basaltic organs, astonishing regular columns that give the impression of having been cut with a knife (a big knife). A place that shelters Fingal Cave, in which the water rushes producing a sound that has earned it the nickname of a musical cave. A cavity in the shape of a geological cathedral which greatly inspired in his time a certain Jules Vernes.

The Old Man of Storr

Monolith formed as a result of the erosion of the mountain “the old man of Storr” is on the Isle of Skye. It majestically dominates a landscape straight out of a heroic fantasy novel, surrounded by his lieutenants and remains one of the most popular “natural” celebrities in the country.

The Fairy Pools

We stay on the Isle of Skye with these pools fed by waterfalls that have not usurped their name of pools of fairies. Again, nature expresses magic in the face of which it is difficult not to succumb.

The Antonine Wall

Much less famous than the Hadrian’s Wall, which is located in the north of England, the Antonine Wall was erected in 140 by Emperor Antoninus Le Pieux (son of Hadrian), in order to double the security of Hadrian’s Wall. A construction designed to isolate the peoples considered by the Romans as barbarians in the north of the territory, which was completely submerged by the Picts when the latter took action. The remains of the Antonine Wall are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Loch Ness

It’s impossible not to say hello to Nessy, the famous Loch Ness Monster. A very discreet creature, which does not bother tourists and whose celebrity should not overshadow the other wonders of this iconic place, such as Cherry Island, the only lake or the remains of Castle Urquhart …

The Brodgar Circle

Land of myths and legends, Scotland has many fascinating places, like the Brodgar Circle on the island of Mainland in the Orkney Islands. A perfect circle of 103 meters in diameter composed of 27 megaliths (it was originally 60), subject to many fantasies. The most Cartesian they say, it was designed in – 2700-2500 by ordinary men. But as for Stonehenge or the Moaïs of Easter Island, it’s more fun to say that the aliens are there for something.
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