Northern Ireland is a holiday destination as well!

We are talking about Ireland thinking only of the Republic of Ireland (Southern Ireland), however we must not forget that there is an independent part, smaller but equally interesting to visit, with a Cultural heritage and fascinating landscapes: Northern Ireland, whose capital is Belfast. I will present a small selection of the main things to see in Northern Ireland.

The Giant’s Causeway

Located in the far north of Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway is one of Ireland’s flagship activities with the Connemara Lakes or the Cliffs of Moher. On Groupon or with tour companies or bus companies, you will have regular excursions from Dublin or Belfast to take a guided tour of this famous Giant’s Causeway by bus, all for a day. Very practical if you want to discover this landscape as wonderful as wild. However, prepare the windbreaker and the camera, you will need it.


Capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a city rich in monuments and museums, and offers an exotic and very enjoyable show, thanks to the style and architecture of its buildings. You can choose to visit the many cathedrals of the city, stroll through the streets and the city center, visit one of its museums or visit a building that intrigues you. No doubt you will find something to fill your day once there. Do not expect an ultra modern city like Las Vegas of course, like Cork, Dublin or Galway, Belfast is a good example of Ireland’s history, its attachment to the Catholic religion and its style that I would call a few little retro, but quite charming.

Titanic Belfast Experience

Probably one of the best-known museums in Ireland, especially given that Ireland was the last country to have served as anchor of the Titanic before its fatal end. This breathtaking and surprising museum offers you models of real size or almost, attractions reminiscent of the history of the famous liner, unique objects found in the rubble of the ship, reports, testimonies of survivors etc. If you are interested in the history of the Titanic and stop in the area, make a stop at this museum, you will not regret it. I admit that they created something alive and fast! Ideal to spend a moment playful, entertaining and charged with history. Only problem? It’s impossible to change the end, although like everyone else, we always have hope that by watching the movie or visiting the museum, the end of this beautiful story unfolds.
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