Getting around London with a car

Firstly, if you decide to spend a few days in London, know that it is not advisable to come by car. It is very difficult to find parking, road traffic is congested and as you know, the English drive on the left.

If you still decide to come by car, that’s what you need to know

First of all if you come to visit London during the weekdays, know that to go downtown, you will have to pay congestion charge. This tax is £ 9 per day. The area affected by this congestion charge affects the neighborhoods of North Kensington, Notting Hill, Bayswater, Marble Arch, Kensington and Chelsea, City of London. The entry into congestion charging zone is indicated by panels with a red C, cameras then record the passage of your vehicle by filming your license plate. To pay congestion charge, you must do it the day before your passage and get a Fast Track card, which will facilitate your payments. You can pay by phone (0845 900 1234), by automatic machine, Internet.

If you do not pay the congestion charge, you will be entitled to a NCP

It will cost you £ 120, reduced to £ 60 if you pay within 14 days. It will be increased to £ 180 if you do not pay it within 28 days. At the end of three NCPs, your vehicle may be impounded or immobilized (hoof) in any location in Greater London. You are exonerated from paying congestion charge if your vehicle runs on electricity or by other “green” approved fuels. If you reside in the area subject to congestion charge you are entitled to a 90% discount (Congestion charge ).

How to park your car?

If there are two yellow lines along the sidewalk, it means no parking, only one yellow line, you can park on Sunday and evening only. Beware of reserved places for residents, Residents permits. If you do not have the sticker on your windshield, you will be punished. The best way to park your car is to use parking spaces and private parking. If you end up with the wheel of your car decorated with a yellow Clamp, it is because your vehicle is on the road to the pound because you have not parked well. The address of the headland is on the small paper stuck on your windshield.

How to move?

First of all, respect speed limits, no right pass will be given just because you are a tourist. In addition, be aware that drunk driving is prohibited, here it is zero tolerance. Be careful when driving: priority on the right does not exist, roundabouts, committed vehicles are always a priority, and pedestrians on a zebra crossing.

Driver’s license

Before crossing the English Channel with your vehicle, consider bringing your driver’s license, your insurance certificate and the vehicle registration document. If you want to rent a car, you will need an international license.
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