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Not everyone knew about London villages!

Did you know that London is made up of villages? From north to south and from east to west, discover the British megalopolis through the charm of its small towns: Highgate, Hampstead, Brixton, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia, London Fields, Greenwich, Richmond…

Live in London as a local for a few days

Highgate and Hamsptead

North of London, Highgate and Hampstead are perched around one of London’s most beautiful parks, Hampstead Heath. These villages dominate the city and have breathtaking views of the London Skyline.

Brixton district

Head south to cosmopolitan Brixton and its colorful market consisting of Caribbean products stands, its trendy small restaurants with menus from around the world, its stores of clothes and vintage objects and its small art galleries…


It’s like being in the countryside: rowing clubs, pubs and restaurants border the Thames. On the heights, behind the imposing Victorian and Georgian houses, the large Richmond Park is famous for its wild deer that roam quietly.


Greenwich is steeped in the glorious naval past of the British Empire. In addition to the fascinating National Maritime Museum, Greenwich has a beautiful park where you can observe the stars.

Staying in London

We can agree that London has an endless list of attractions. What to do after visiting Parliament and the imposing Big Ben, climbing the London Eye, being lost in the halls of the National Gallery or watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace?

You may now be in the mood to go for a more rural itinerary. Do not worry, the British capital is surrounded by innumerable charming villages from which you can escape. Here, we try to make things easier for you and selected the most beautiful accommodations near the city. We bring you advice and suggestions to help you have a great stay in a charming village. But first, you can start by exploring websites like to have an estimate of the prices in England and in London!

Ski holidays in London

Winter is approaching, and it comes with it the joy of skiing with family or friends. Around London, you can find the most beautiful ski resorts with chalet rental opportunities to share with your loved ones. Visit Sun And Ski Homes for more!

The mountains, whether in England or elsewhere, hold a thousand and one secrets that can only be discovered by immersing yourself in the heart of its wide open spaces and embracing new horizons at a glance. You can practice all kinds of snow sports during the day, adding tobogganing, dog sledding and cross-country skiing to your activities, while being sure to find many bars, restaurants and nightclubs to entertain you at night.

More villages of the mighty London...

London Fields

A few years ago, tourists did not really venture there. The place has since little by little “hipsterized”! To enjoy this neighborhood to the fullest, stroll to Broadway Market which offers a variety of street food every Saturday!

Bloomsbury & Fitzrovia

The villages of London are not all eccentric. In the heart of the capital, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia are full of treasures. From the British Museum in the heart of Bloomsbury to the Pollock’s Toys Museum…


In Clovelly time does not matter anymore; here there are no cars, they are forbidden. Every detail and every corner is meticulously cared for, a passion that makes everyone who visits the place fall in love with its essence!


About 45 kilometers from London lies the small town of Hertford, a haven of peace that is perfect for a day of escape from the big city. Hertford has a rich history, which is reflected, for instance, in its 10th century castle.

Forget the usual London landmarks and discover its most beautiful villages.

Go on a discovery of the London's charming villages that we have selected for you. Each one of them deserves a stopover of a few days!